Hello again!
I'm gonna tell you something.

My equipment consist of two Nikon FM-z cameras with one 35 mm lens and one 135 mm lens and the last serve as telephoto lens. I also use a Panasonicc Lumix DMC-GX7 for commercial photography with an 20 mm lens. I always work with permanent lenses. And my key word is, as Frank Capra tells us, "If it aint good enough you're not close enough"!
In my post-production I use Lightroom and Photoshop. I have never done better blackanandwhite picture than with this programe.
I use a lab in Stockholm who develope my blackandwhite film for me and they pass it out on the net so I just have to download it. Nice and cozy. :-)

Please, feel free to contact me. What ever it is I shall try to answer it.

My Instagram alias #Joffen55

Every picture tells a story but this story belongs to the photographer and only him. This pictures are protected by the copyright law. So keep your mouse away!


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