I am freelancer and make my own projects. I use only analogue cameras with 35mm aperture.  Work the negative in Photoshop and Lightroom.

I will take you for a ride in the inner landscape of my mind.  Practical and abstract questions that process my brain. How It have taken me to places which can be compared to whatever horror tales you like and some nice places too.
My life consists of two different levels. The Innocent and the Enlighten parts.
I try to show this dualistic development with these images. Images that caught the situation in a blink of an eye.
I have rarely done some after work on the images. The most of them are just what caught the lens. Very simple after work and left the images full of noise and other accuracy.
With these images I simply show you the artificial reality through the fantasy and actuality occurrents. Literature and the apocalyptic poetry from Rock’n Roll have inspire the titles to the images. Images that have mirrored a world who have lived in my head for a while.
Stefan K

Exhibitions :

Fire and Dust – Höörs Art hall

Fire and Dust – Lunds Art thall

Fire and Dust – Landskrona Museum

Fire and Dust – Ystad Museum

Fire and Dust – Gothenborgs Fotohuset

Fire and Dust – Svalövs Library

Bus stop – The Nature Around You (guerilla exhibition)

1.5 degree – Norra Fäladen Church Lund

Group Exhibition 22 photographer from Southern Sweden – Vallkarra Torn


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